Micro Bloodworm

Target Species: Rudd, roach, carp, bream

Do fish really mistake our flies for real bloodworms? It’s debatable. Some fly patterns are simply too huge to imitate the naturals; furthermore, many coarse fish find them too much of a mouthful. Hence this smaller artificial, which is especially useful on stillwaters, where the bright colour certainly helps fish pick it out

Roach and rudd are both fair game- as is the odd carp, hence my preference for a nice strong hook pattern even in smaller sizes. Don’t go crazy with retrieve speeds- keep it slow or even static and watch very closely for bites, which can be very gentle twitches. You can also fish this fly underneath an indicator, if you’re struggling


1. Catch some red thread on the hook


2. Trap in a small pinch of red marabou with the thread, before wrapping in close turns to make an even body.


3. Now trap in a piece of flexi-floss. If you use a smaller hook, you can use sharp scissors to split the material and create finer strands for slimmer bodies. Bring the thread to a point just before the hook eye.


4. Now make a body with even turns of flexi-floss, before trapping the material near the hook eye.


5. The body can now be made shiny and durable with a quick coat of varnish.


6. Tie in a single strand of dyed black peacock herl.


7. Give 3-4 turns of herl before securing with the thread. Now trim off, whip finish and add a spot of varnish. Job done.



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