Dave’s Simple Olive Spider

Dave’s Simple Olive Spider


A big thanks to Dave Mclean for this tasty little pattern. Easy to tie and ideal for roach, rudd and dace in smaller sizes (14-20), very possibly worth a punt for carp or chub on a larger, stronger hook. Ok, so it’s not rocket science, but there are three key trigger points to this one. The segmented body gives almost a buzzer feel, while a peacock thorax adds some shine and iridescence the old-fashioned way. Most important of all is the hackle however. Do be sure to tie this sparsely for maximum movement; Dave recommends just ONE turn of olive partridge and we’re not going to argue, because it looks super mobile and very subtle.


Hook: Long Nymph (size 14)
Thread: Olive UTC 80dn.
Body/Rib: Olive brassie sized ultra wire over thread
Thorax: 2 Strands of peacock heel
Hackle: Olive dyed partridge

Step 1: Start thread and catch in length of olive ultra wire and tie back a little past the hook point.


Step 2: Flatten thread and make a slightly tapered even body, try to avoid too much bulk. Rib the fly and tie off the wire at roughly the 1/3rd mark


Step 3: Prepare 2 strands of peacock herl by cutting off the thin tips, catch in at the tips and form a bulbous thorax.


Step 4:Prepare an olive dyed partridge hackle, by stripping off fluffy waste, preen feathers down to expose the tip, and remove the tip to leave a small triangle. Tie in the feather at this point, and folding the hackle back, give one full turn and tie off. If you want a sparser hackle, strip off the fibres from one side.



Step 5: Tie off the hackle, whip finish and add a spot of varnish to complete the fly.