We want to see all kinds of catches, with entries judged on their merit rather than size alone. 

-Please give as much detail as possible on the nature of capture, fly pattern used and anything else of interest.

-Catches must be made in the year of competition, with no exceptions. You are welcome to submit notable catches from the past, but these won’t be eligible for the current year of competition.

-Catches can be measured as well as weighed, but please be accurate and honest. Catches that are guestimates or miraculously fall dead on the “X pounds” mark with no ounces, for example, are rare in fishing.

-The panel reserve the right to exclude entries where information is vague or withheld (although the venue can be listed simply as “southern river” or “northern canal” for example), or the fly pattern isn’t listed.

-The same applies to fish that appear not to be their stated weight. We appeal to the honesty of entrants on this score, but may also ask for a witness.

-By submitting your catch, please understand we may use the image and details in catch reports and news in online and print media. We will only use info and images for the purposes of promoting the competition.