Polar Baitfish

Target Species: Perch, chub, jack pike, bass, mackerel

This fly is a simple, practical pattern for all kinds of predatory fish. I’ve found it especially handy for perch and chub. That said, jack pike will attack it, as will mackerel and school bass!

Colours are down to your own preferences: white and blue or white and olive are perhaps the favourites, although you could also try louder colours and combinations of flash materials. In smaller sizes you could even try two or three flies on one leader for a shoal effect.


1. The fly can be started with a bare hook and thread- but should you wish to make a quicker sinking pattern, begin with some touching turns of lead wire.



2. Wind the thread from just behind the eye in touching turns, trapping in a piece of silver wire as you go. Stop just above the barb.



3. Now trap in a piece of flat silver tinsel and secure along the back of the hook, returning the thread



4. Form a body with even, slightly overlapping turns of the flat tinsel, before securing with the thread. If you’re struggling to get a tidy body, try stretching the flat tinsel nice and tight as you go.



5. Now make a rib with even turns of silver wire, which will help trap the flat silver tinsel and make a durable fly. You could also varnish or epoxy the body at this point for extra toughness- especially if pike or sea species are the target.



6.Catch in a decent pinch of white polar fibres with the thread.



7. Now catch in a couple of strands of relective material such as krystal flash, before doubling back.



8. Now catch in a good pinch of different coloured polar fibres.



9. On each side of the head catch in a little tuft of red wool or yarn.



10. Now finish with epoxy. Try letting this dry slightly to go “tacky” before adding a pair of eyes.



Order flies for roach, rudd, perch, dace, chub and pike HERE