Fly For Coarse are keen to keep an up to date record list for all the major coarse species. The following table should raise a few eyebrows for all the right reasons, but it is very much an ongoing work: some larger fish might have missed our radar, just as we’re convinced others are eminently beatable!

Contributions are very welcome, whether it’s a previous capture or a new record contender (although we would request a picture at minimum and quite possibly a witness for a new record).  All contributions:

UK Record Fly Caught Fish

Species Weight Fly Venue Captor Year
Barbel 17lbs 8oz Hares Ear Royalty Fishery Jason Lewis 2011
Bream 10lbs 5oz Ep Baitfish Grafham Sam Edmonds 2012
Carp 31lbs 08oz Undisclosed Walthamstow Reservoirs Brian Stanton 2010
Chub 6lbs 4oz Radyr Nymph River Taff N Thomas 2016
Crucian 1lb 8oz Black & Peacock Mallory Park (Glebe Complex) D. Egginton 2011
Grass Carp 17lbs 0oz Deer Hair mixer Warwickshire Stillwater Jim Fisher 2014
Perch 5lbs 15oz Pike fly St Mary’s Pit Greg Strelley 2010
Pike 42lbs 12oz Pink Panther Blithfield P.Harvey 1988
Roach 3lbs 07oz Goldhead Fritz Lochnaw Kevin McArdle 2011
Rudd 1lb 14oz Black & Peacock Midlands Canal D. Egginton 2012
Silver Bream 12 oz Gold bead shrimp Bridgwater to Taunton Canal D. Garnett 2013
Tench 6lbs 0oz Shrimp Southern Reservoir John Wilton 2013
Zander 19lbs 08oz - Fen Drain Guy Eldridge 2009